Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More recycling on toggle.co.nz!

When we thought more about it we realised there were many more artists on toggle.co.nz who use recycling (or as some say, 'upcycling'....hhhmmmmm).

Let's see...Crafthouse makes bracelets out of old movie film found on a street in NYC. The movie is about about Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician and humanitarian.

Cheek Pinchy makes her beautiful collaged cards and wall blocks from all sorts of old imagery.

Su McPherson makes jewellery out of beer bottle tops and bread bag tags

Bags Knot are fantastic bags made from knotted plastic bags on a kete base.

Stuck On You Magnets
are made from baby food jar lids!

Among the cool stuff that Luxford St makes are bracelets made from plastic cars:

And Rachelle Pedersen is making gorgeous tiny artworks on found fabric badges.

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